Monday, April 9, 2012

This Restaurant is a Rip-off

I know, I should be writing about Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, especially after Instagram launched to Android just a few days ago. But you know what? Everyone is writing about that, and after reading a bunch of articles so I could write a post, I got tired of hearing about it, including from me. So instead, what I have for you today is a cautionary tale: Always Look Up Reviews.

We have a unique ability at this point in time to get reviews and opinions from strangers on nearly anything using the power of the Internet. It used to be that you could, at most, get third-hand info - your friend has a friend who tried something, and told them how terrible it was. Now, all the anger from all the customers is available at most people's fingertips, and yet restaurants like Nello's still exist.

Nello's is in New York, on Madison Avenue, and you should never ever go there. The place is apparently notorious for hidden charges on top of entrées that are ridiculously expensive in the first place. Even the New York Times has written about it. From charging for "complimentary" drinks to refusing to disclose prices for "specials," this place seems to have ALL the scams. Terrible service and food are, of course, included in the price. If you want some pretty spectacular stories from people who accidentally ate there without realizing what it was, check out the Yelp reviews. Oh and for your entertainment, here is a user-uploaded photo of their receipt:

And THAT is why you should always read reviews.

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