Friday, April 20, 2012

How (Not) to Get More Likes on Facebook

One of The Oatmeal's recent comics is labeled "How to get more likes on Facebook." Of course, before actually telling you how to do this (and you should really already know the answer) it humorously details several ways NOT to do it.

Essentially, this comes down to: stop begging for likes. It's annoying, spammy, and you wouldn't do it in real life. As the comic states, no one just walks up to someone to say "Hey, I'm trying to be a better person and become more likeable. Would you mind going around and telling everyone how great I am?"

This is pretty good advice, but I think that when you are trying to grow your social media presence there is a danger in taking it too far the other way as well. While the focus should ALWAYS be on creating content that people will WANT to like and share, there's no harm in occasionally reminding people to do so. If you're not promoting yourself, you're relying only on others to do so. But please, please remember that before you promote yourself, you should have something worthy of promotion.

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