Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comedians Impersonate You Drinking Pepsi Next

What do you think of a comedian viewing your Facebook profile to get a sense of who you are, and then impersonating you tasting Pepsi Next for the first time? If that sounds like fun, you'll get the opportunity in Pepsi's new campaign.

Yet another attempt at viral social marketing, Pepsi is teaming up with Funny or Die to offer "online taste-tests" of the new product. However, fans of course have no way of actually tasting Pepsi Next online, so instead one of 12 Funny or Die comedians will attempt to simulate fans' reactions to the drink, and then post the videos online. Fans will have to opt-in to be chosen for the videos. A few sample videos have been posted to get people excited about the campaign.

Pepsi Next is meant to be a mid-range soda, not a diet drink but still with 60% less calories than the original version. This has been tried before by both Pepsi and Coke, but failed to have high enough sales to keep producing. Pepsi thinks consumers are now ready for this type of hybrid beverage. Still, it sounds kind of "New Coke"-ish to me, and I'm not sure how I feel about the campaign - even though it's an opt-in, I still think that there is a very real possibility of fans being offended at their portrayals, as even the promo video below seems to expect. And while it's funny to watch a video of someone else getting furious at being called by their middle name, it's less funny when something similar happens to you.

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