Saturday, March 17, 2012

People are Getting Better at Privacy

As we all know, how to maintain privacy in the face of social media is an ongoing discussion. However, a Pew Internet Life report which came out recently suggests that more people are starting to take control of their privacy settings. The report, which compares survey responses with those from 2009, shows that people are doing more profile management across the board. Most people - 83% of women and 71% of men - have set their profiles to be at least partially private, with only 18% of all users finding it "very" or "somewhat difficult" to control their privacy settings. Unsurprisingly, younger users in the 18-29 age range were far more likely to be keeping their privacy settings up to date.

Over at ReadWriteWeb, I found this handy infographic created from the information in the report, summarizing the data:

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