Friday, March 16, 2012

Look Out, Angry Birds - Draw Something is Here

I've been playing a new game a lot on my phone lately, and chances are, if you own an Android or iDevice, you have too. It's called Draw Something, and it's by OMGPOP. Right now, as I look at my iPhone, it's the top free, top paid, AND second top grossing app in Apple's store.

In case you hadn't actually heard of it, here's a short video trailer for the game:

As you can see, it's basically a mobile Pictionary. You can connect to Facebook to find friends already playing and start games with them, or you can start a game with a random opponent. Either way, you take turns drawing one of three word options the game gives you, and your opponent guesses. I say opponent, but really it's more of a cooperative game - you are mutually trying to guess and to help the other person guess the word. This makes it a lot friendlier than a lot of multiplayer games; there's no winner.

Buzzfeed has a list of stats about the game's rise to the top that are pretty crazy, as well as an infographic. These include impressive comparisons to other apps and services, such as Angry Birds, Foursquare, Instagram, and Twitter, but to me the most striking thing is that apparently "OMGPOP has generated more revenue from the Draw Something App in five weeks than the entire company generated last year." This is a combination of ad revenue in the free app, paid downloads of the premium app, and in-game purchases for more colors, new words, etc. In fact, Dan Porter (CEO of OMGPOP) says the game is making the company more than $100,000 each day.

There's also a website with the Best of Draw Something - in case you didn't already think your stick figures were primitive.

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