Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Advertise on Facebook

It seems like a great place to be. Facebook has the numbers - a huge audience, the ability to target exactly the people you want - but then what? "Please, Facebook," you say. "Take my money and make people Like me or go to my website or buy my stuff."
"Okay," Facebook says. "Do you want a Sponsored Story or Facebook ad? What story type?"
You are a small business owner, perhaps, just trying to spread the word a little, and you maybe don't even have a marketing background. You stare blankly. "Um...what will work best?" you ask.

Up until now, Facebook didn't answer that question. However, the company is testing ways to make the advertising interface less confusing - AND more directly answer questions about ROI and how to specifically drive different types of responses. Instead of asking what type of advertising you want to do, Facebook will instead ask what you want the end result of your advertising to be. As you can see below, it starts by asking "What do you want to promote?" While this is similar to the earlier questions about "what story type," the choices here are a lot clearer, especially to people who don't have a background in advertising.

Even more interesting is the "Objectives" section at the bottom there. This relates to the audience you are targeting. Do you want people to Like your page? Install your app? Click on your ad? More specific targeting goals can only be a good thing as you look for ways to effectively reach your target audience and get the response you need.

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