Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facebook is Delicious

One thing I love on Facebook is when people post awesome recipes. Most of the time it's just fun to see what others are making; it's a good way to get ideas for new or different meals (and if you want to spend hours at it instead of just happening across things, see Pinterest). But sometimes the picture is just too awesome for words. This is definitely worth a couple hours in the please. Just look at this.

Yes, it's a chocolate cupcake. Stuffed with an Oreo and a Reese's cup. With peanut butter Oreo buttercream frosting.

This is the kind of thing that is so epic there isn't much to say about it.

A friend of mine posted this from BuzzFeed, and luckily the original blog it linked back to included the recipe. The Sweet Life says this cupcake "tastes like Christmas morning and smush-face kittens and all the best things in life," and I'm inclined to agree. Even aside from all the fillings (and toppings), the chocolate cake itself was just fantastic, and I'm saving that recipe for use later.

Here's one of my batch. It's not as pretty, but then I'm not a professional cupcake inventor, and I bet it was just as delicious:

Also, the Oreo on the bottom has chocolate cream in it instead of the regular white. Yeah.

So if you're on a's too late for you, my friend. You have already gazed upon the glory. Either way, the recipe (and some more pictures, because they're almost as amazing as the real thing) can be found on The Sweet Life. You're welcome. As I told the people I shared them with, if these aren't the most unhealthy cupcakes you've ever eaten, it's not my fault.

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